Breaking new ground

Keep the crisp clean lines and add a jolt of unexpected pattern for a well-balanced collections, housekeeping, medical scrubs, lab coats and much more.

Own the room with style

Turbo power your look which creates buzz. Dress suits, vests, skirts, pants, ties and accessories....pick your color.

Your image your way

Showing your swagger speaks volumes.....T-Shirts, Tops, Button downs, Jackets, Hoodies, Caps, Hats, Bags etc.

Excellent Products Worldwide


Medical apparel 

Raise your cool quotient but don't give up comfort or flexibility.  Replace your out-dated uniforms with our many styles and colors available for group departments and staff.

personal protection

EPW provides quality professional and patient garment and health protective wear for medical, patient care, industrial and food service markets. 

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sheets, pillowcases, towels and amenities

EPW Enterprise LLC offers economical and luxury linens, bedding decor and amenities for hospitals, hotels and beach resorts.